When should we book?

I recommend that bookings should be done as soon as possible! There are times when you’re able to find available dates, however the most popular dates are normally booked two years prior. If you find yourself unable to book me due to date clashes, I am more than happy to refer you to my peers.

How much does your wedding photography costs?

It takes conscientious planning, a thorough post-production and also lots of equipment to shoot a wedding. This brings us to the fact that professional wedding photography comes with a price. Most couples would like to stick to certain budgets and we could figure out on how to work with your budget.

In order to give you a fair picture of my price quote, some of these basic details are helpful: When is the wedding? Where is the wedding? How long would you like me to be present? How long is your guestlist? Drop me a request via my contact sheet and I’ll send a detailed offer. If you’re interested, we could meet or skype to go over the details.

Do you only shoot in Salzburg?

No! It would be quite dull for me to only work inside of Salzburg. I do shoots all over Austria, Germany, Europe and beyond. It would be a pleasure to fly around the globe to shoot your wedding. No worries, travel doesn’t cost much. I bet we could find a solution for it.

How long does it take till we receive the photos?

Maximum editing time is six weeks. Generally your photos should be finished much earlier than the stipulated time, especially if your wedding ceremony was held off-season.

How many pictures do we receive?

This depends on the duration of which you book me for. Every wedding is different and I cannot possibly give you a concrete number on the final selection. I usually make a selection of all the pictures taken, edit them and hand them over to you. Approximately 50 pictures per booked hour, give or take.

Do you edit the pictures?

All the pictures are edited. I use Adobe Lightroom and partially with Adobe Photoshop. You will receive the pictures in the best resolution, in JPG format.

Which equipment do you use?

I use Nikon. My gear comprise of two full frame cameras and a couple of lenses. They are highly-reliable and are extremely durable. Therefore they are perfect for the taxing task of shooting weddings in rough conditions such as snow or rain.

Do you offer wedding videos?

No. I solely focus on wedding photography.


Wedding Album

The wedding album is a truly special memento. I design your wedding album myself before sending it to the printing house. The albums have a fine front cover which you cannot keep your fingers off, firm binding held together by thread stitching and the outer hardcover box; all part of a beautiful set to save your memories. I would be happy to show you samples of it on our initial meetup. Not much persuasion is needed for you to purchase the album; its fine work speaks for itself. Album starts at 299 Euros.


DWith the amount of printing service, it is difficult to maintain an overview on the quality. I have tested various printing services and can advise you on where you can print out high-resolution pictures. The tangible touch of your wedding images is a completely unique feeling, incomparable to the digital ones. Don’t hesitate to ask me for recommendations on quality printing services.



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